The Leadership Experience

The Interactive Leadership Experience!!
Facilitated by Dee Ann Stricklett, Educational & Leadership Consultant National Board-Certified Teacher, School and District Administrator, Speaker, Trainer & Coach
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Elevate your individual and team leadership!
The Interactive Leadership Experience creates an environment where self-awareness and discovery will occur in a non-threatening and fun way. The Leadership Experience creates a level playing field where everyone in the room shares their perspective while learning from others. This truly unique, experiential learning activity will increase your leadership intelligence quotient. The session lasts up to three hours and is designed for groups as small as 12, but may easily be customized for much larger groups.
Easy set-up for host: Table in a quiet area for the small group and a large space and cordless microphone for a large group &/or multiple groups, for example: seven rotating groups of 30 each.
Audience: School Board, Business, Community Groups, School Leadership Team, School Administrators, Teachers, non-certified staff, groups such as National Honor Society or Sports Teams, students grades 7-12 and any combination of preceding groups.
Discussion topics: Followers | Leadership | Organization | Personal Growth |
The thought-provoking questions are based on a variety of leadership topics. A sample question is: “How would your team benefit from having differing opinions on a controversial topic?” Feedback from the game will provide qualitative data for further discussion of leadership strengths and weakness individually and as a team.
Causes thinking and reflection; both personally and corporately
Raises awareness about “elephant in the room” issues
Demonstrates that leaders value the thoughts of participants
Increases social/emotional capacity of individuals and team
Your team will be EMPOWERED knowing YOU carved out time to listen
Builds interpersonal and intrapersonal understanding and communication skills